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Dr. Peter-Anton Thelen, Orthopaede in Berlin
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Dr. Peter-Anton Thelen
Dr. med. P.-A. Thelen

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1950 Born in Düren, Rhineland; Catholic
1970 Abitur in Düren (school examination usually taken at the end of the 13th year; approximately equivalent to the British A level/American SAT exam)
1970-1972 Start of education as pharmacist's assistant in Düren, preliminary pharmaceutical examination in Aachen
1973 Study of medicine in Liège/Belgium (1° Candidature)
1974 Study of medicine in Marburg/at the river Lahn
1977 Start of the doctoral dissertation about "The effect of Somatostatin on the resorption in the small intestine"; conducted by Prof. Dr. E. O. Riecken (Professor E. O. Riecken, MD) in Marburg/at the river Lahn (gastroenterology)
1977 Study visit within the context of doctoral dissertation to Perth/Australia (6 months) to M. Gracey M.D. and Valerie Burke in the Gastroenterological Research Unit of the Princess Margret's Childrens Hospital. (animal experimental work with germs extracted from malnourished children with diarrhoeal diseases living in suburbs of Djakarta and in the Australien Outback (Aborginals).
1979 Move to Berlin together with my supervisor Prof. E. O. Riecken.
1979-1980 Student in practical year in Berlin
1980 Medical State Examination and license to practice as a doctor in Berlin
1980 M.D. in medicine in Marburg/at the river Lahn
1980 Collaborative work on projects of the German Research Society (Dt. Forschungsgesellschaft), in research laboratories of Prof. Riecken at the University Medical Center Steglitz in Berlin.
1980 Start of the surgical residency conducted by Prof. E. S. Bücherl at the University Hospital Westend in Berlin
1981 Meeting with the Fluxus artist Wolf Vostell and the Happening artist Ewa Partum, start of an art collection
  • Member of the Circle of Friends of the Berlin Gallery ("Berlinische Galerie")
  • Member of the Circle of Friends of the National Gallery, Berlin
  • Member of the Circle of Friends of the Museo Vostell in Malpartida de Caceres (Spain)
1981 Birth of my son Johannes-Peter
1985 Start of the orthopedic residency at the sport clinic Bad Cannstatt combined with a move to Stuttgart, Head: Prof. K. Steinbrück,
1986 Orthopedic residency at the orthopedic department of the University Hospital Freiburg/Breisgau, Head: Prof. A. Reichelt
1987 Return to Berlin, continuation and completing of the orthopedic residency at the orthopedic department of the hospital Rudolf Virchow Krankenhaus, student of Prof. F. Hofmeister
1989 Orthopedic residency examination at the Medical Association Berlin (Ärztekammer Berlin)
Since April 1989 Setting up as an independently working orthopedist and sports physician with the additional designation "Chiropractor" in Berlin-Tegel (Taking over of the orthopedic consulting office of Dr. Stegmann (M.D.))
1990 Complete renovation of consulting office
1990 Introduction of osteoporosisGlossar diagnostics, installation of a large appliance to scan the bone density (Lunar DPX)
1991 Installation of an X-ray unit (made by the Company Hoffmann-Böhm) for the conventional X-ray diagnosis of the skeleton
1994-1995 Study visits to Stephen Pommeranz in Cincinatti/USA in order to receive continuing education in orthopedic MRTGlossar-diagnostics
1994 Installation of the MR-Tomograph ArtoscanGlossar made by the Company ESAOTE in the consulting office
1995 Installation of a color Doppler sonograph made by the Company ESAOTE in the consulting office
1997-1998 Education in acupunctureGlossar at the German Society for Acupuncture (Dt. Gesellschaft für Akupunktur) in Düsseldorf (completed with exam)
1998 Installation of a shock wave apparatus (ESWT) made by the Company Siemens (Sonocur Plus) in the consulting office
1998 Birth of the daughter Antonia-Maria
1998 Installation of an apparatus for the three-dimensional measurement of the spine (Formetric) made by the Company Jenoptik in the consulting office
1998 Introduction of the medical laser therapy in the consulting office
1998 Introduction of the pulsating magnetic field therapyGlossar in the consulting office
2000 New installation of a computer network (Medistar) with 9 workstations in the consulting office, including teleradiologyGlossar with a direct line to Stephen Pommeranz Cincinatti/USA beeing a supervisor of the MRTGlossar-diagnostics
April 2005 Replacement of the MR-Tomograph ArtoscanGlossar by its successor, the C-Scan.
May 2005 Birth of the daughter Louisa Maria

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